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We bieden jou als RA/AA de leiding van een team van Peer Accountants. Jij wordt ons gezicht naar ondernemers. Je leidt je eigen team in onze samenstelpraktijk.

Impact accountants

Peer Accountants is a recognised Social Enterprise, net als veel van onze klanten. Onze missie stellen we op de eerste plaats. Natuurlijk zijn ook continuïteit en winst essentieel – Peer leeft van de markt – maar als voorwaarde, niet als eerste doel. Bij ons ligt de focus op de professionele ontwikkeling van financieel talent in een digitale omgeving en op werken in de cloud. Vakmanschap en duurzame relaties zijn hoekstenen van Peer Accountants.

Local, regional, international

As a Peer accountant, you work for both regional organisations and companies hoping to build an international reputation. Many of our customers prioritise their social impact above making profits. You listen to their questions, weigh up opportunities, break down barriers and offer the solutions that they have come to expect from Peer Accountants. In other words, you give them a clear overview of their finances and provide stability within their organisation.

Our partners

As a team leader, you maintain contact with our partners VHM Accountants & Belastingadviseurs and VHM Audit, companies that provide specific expertise, such as more complex tax advice and audits. In addition, you work closely with Stichting DOEN and Rabo Foundation.

Your team of assistant accountants

As a Peer accountant, you also supervise your assistant accountants and bookkeepers. It is up to you to offer them your expertise and coaching, so that they can get the best out of themselves. It is your job to review the compiled annual accounts. You take the lead in more complex jobs, but share your professional knowledge with your team.

Your team

A team is available to you in our branch in Amsterdam, but you can also lead a Peer team in another part of the country. We want Peer Accountants to add value for business owners, institutions and organisations the length and breadth of the country, and help financial talent to flourish.


Salary indication: between €70,000 and €90,000 gross annualized for full-time employment. Secondary and tertiary conditions also in line with the market. A partnership is an option if interested.

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