Our customers

Peer Accountants works for numerous organisations, including companies in every sector, charitable foundations and healthcare organisations. A striking number of our customers link growth, innovation and efficiency with societal objectives. They don’t just want to make money, they want to improve life for those around them too.

Heading your own team as an accountant

We are offering you the chance to lead a team of Peer Accountants. You will be the face of Peer Accountants for the business owners, leading your own team for our financial compilation work.

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Peer at the heart of Dutch enterprise

Net als wij, want ook Peer werkt graag in het hart van de samenleving, waar ondernemerschap en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid hand in hand gaan.

Our customers are best placed to tell you exactly what we mean to them and how they see Peer. Here’s what they have to say.

Happy Tosti

Since Happy Tosti opened its doors in 2015, the lunch restaurant has seen a huge growth. There are now six branches in major cities. Wibe Smulders is the founder of Social Capital, the company that got Happy Tosti started on the market. He is happy with the support they get from Peer Accountants.

“We were looking for an accounting firm to help us with our financial records and drawing up the annual accounts. We immediately felt comfortable with Peer Accountants. We asked ourselves whether we would still want to work with this firm if it wasn’t a social enterprise. The answer was yes. I don’t think you’ll find an accounting firm with a greater understanding of socially responsible enterprise than Peer. The fact that they are themselves a social enterprise is an added bonus.”

Wibe Smulders

Social Capital

We support patient organisations in their efforts to improve the quality of care and life for people in a vulnerable position. Peer understands our perspective and offers us pleasant, professional support in meeting our objectives.

Dries Hettinga


Our language courses for non-Dutch speakers help people to feel at home in the Netherlands. Peer is the partner that helps us with the business-economic side of things. You need all the help you can get, especially when your business is growing.

Annelies Braams