What we do

Peer Accountants monitors your administrative and tax obligations. We update your financial records, make sure that you can inspect the figures whenever you want, and help you to manage red tape and payroll costs.

Heading your own team as an accountant

We are offering you the chance to lead a team of Peer Accountants. You will be the face of Peer Accountants for the business owners, leading your own team for our financial compilation work.

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This is our day-to-day work



Setting up, automating and streamlining accounting records.

Accounting records are a fact of life, but the better they are set up, the better it is for business owners. Well-organised accounting records save time and money, and give a better overview of your finances.

Computerised processing of invoices and receipts, for example, dispenses with the need for filing cabinets full of paperwork that need to be stored for years. One click of the mouse allows you to view details of income and expenditure. You can see precisely where your profits are being generated, and where you can make savings. This will save you time and money, and prevent sleepless nights.

Peer Accountants has organised this for countless businesses. No more accounting records, no more worries about financial summaries.

Bookkeeping and annual accounts

Boekhouding die u niet zelf hoeft te verzorgen scheelt een eigen boekhouder en een werkruimte waar de boekhouding gebeurt. Peer kan de administratie helemaal uit handen nemen. Wanneer de onderneming groeit, kan het wenselijk zijn wel een eigen boekhouder of controller in huis te hebben. Dan speelt Peer de rol van achtervang en raadgever.

Registering and classifying financial transactions and compiling annual accounts help to provide various bodies (including the Tax and Customs Administration) with financial information without making heavy demands on your organisation. The annual accounts consist of the balance, the profit and loss account, and a short explanation.

Tax returns

We check all tax returns before we submit them on behalf of our customers. We can take care of the following types of tax return:

  • VAT (BTW)
  • ICP (European VAT)
  • Corporation tax (VPB)
  • Income tax (IB)
Compilation report

Business owners are not obliged to draw up a compilation report. However, it does have the advantage of an accountant statement that the work was carried out in accordance with the standards set for accountants. This is not the same as an audit certificate or a review report."

Audit certificate

When working for organisations that are subject to a statutory audit, or organisations that request a voluntary audit of their annual accounts, we work together with our partner organisations VHM Accountants & Adviseurs and VHM Audit. The accountant checks that the annual accounts drawn up by the management board reflect the true financial situation at your organisation, and gives an independent view in the form of an opinion."

Compiling the annual report

Private limited companies, public limited companies, cooperatives and mutual insurance associations are obliged to file an annual report with the Chamber of Commerce every year. The annual accounts are a statutory part of the annual report. Organisations must publish their annual report via the Chamber of Commerce within ten months of the end of the financial year. Public benefit organisations must publish their annual accounts by 1 July.

An annual report covering just a few pages will suffice for a small business. Larger enterprises need more detailed annual reports. As a rule: larger businesses generate larger volumes of information and therefore need larger annual reports.

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting is compulsory for any business employing at least one employee for whom they are obliged to withhold tax and national insurance contributions. This means generating payslips, processing employee expense claims, deducting wage tax and national insurance contributions from the salary and remitting it to the Tax and Customs Administration.

Peer Accountants can take care of all of these tasks for you and ensure that you are always aware of the costs and the potential to save money.

HR advice

Peer keeps payroll records and gives advice about a number of fiscal and financial issues relating to salaries. For other HR issues, such as matters relating to employment law, Peer works with partner organisations.

    Fiscal and business-economic advice

    An accountant’s job is to safeguard the boundaries of your organisation, and to help you to recognise opportunities. You can always count on Peer Accountants to make full use of the tax benefits offered to businesses and organisations under tax law. Here are a few examples of the tax arrangements that may apply to you:

    • SME profit exemption
    • Small projects investment credit
    • Energy-saving investment credit
    • Environmental investment credit

    We leggen u graag uit hoe u voor deze en andere regelingen in aanmerking kan komen.

    Paperless Peer

    Peer Accountants is een papierloos kantoor. We maken gebruik van software om onze taken geautomatiseerd uit te voeren. Peer kan in de regel met elk systeem in de cloud werken. We werken onder meer met softwarepakketten van de volgende leveranciers:

    • Basecone

    • Exact Online

    • Twinfield

    • Afas

    • Accountancy Gemak

    • Visionplanner
    • Nextens

    • Nmbrs

    • Eversign

    Our partners

    Peer Accountants works in association with two offices, which help us to compile financial statements with their assurance work: VHM Accountants & & Belastingadviseurs and VHM Audit.